Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Decision Time

New Year... new goals, new projects. What do I want to be and do this year. Aside from the first priority which is of course wife and mother. So long as those relationships are running well what do I do as Lyric the "Artist?" I'd like to concentrate more on entering my work into the local fine arts market rather than nationally juried art/quilt shows. I'll still do a few of those if I have work that suits but the shipping is a killer.
So... by Friday I need to decide which pieces to enter into the Raleigh Fine Arts Society show. A very nice juried show at a very high end venue... Meymandi Hall at the Progress Energy Center for the Performing Arts. And good grief I just don't know what to enter. It's always tough when they don't have an "other" or "mixed media" category. Just painting/sculpture/graphic arts.
Want to help? Here are your choices... vote for your top two and the winners will each get a set of three note cards featuring the An Apple A Day. I'll tally the votes Tomorrow around 5pm.

I also don't have titles for the last four. So name suggestions for the circle pieces would be great.
1-An Apple A Day (triptych)
2-Fundasies (triptych)
3-Circle (pink background)
4-Circle (brown and gold)