Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Upcoming On-Line Classes

Summer is the perfect time for on-line classes!
Here are a few I think you might love.

Watercolor Bliss with Alisa Burke
June 6

Playing With Paint with Lyric Kinard
June 10

Photo Silly with Carla and Steve Sonheim
June 13

The Artists Toolbox with Lyric Kinard
July 1 (this always fills quickly - register now!)

Sketchbook & Watercolor with Jane LaFazio
August 11

Color Theory with Judy Coates Perez

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

One Nation by Lyric Montgomery Kinard
In honor of those who have given all for our country

And in honor of those who have served in many other ways...

Ida Marie White was on her own and worked
in a munitions factory as a teenager.
Joe Field worked for the army, breaking in mules

My Grandparents, Ida Marie and "Skinny" Joe Field. 


Their daughter Lynn married David Montgomery
who served in Berlin Germany in the army's military intelligence service

Spencer Thomas Kinard (on right)
who served in the Navy for  his whole career.

Merrill Celeste Anderson
In honor of my husbands' grandmother who stayed home raising her children while her husband spent almost 18 years at sea. 

His Grandfather that served in three wars.
My husbands' father who served in the Navy - and his wife, a Cuban immigrant.
Margarita Rodriguez and Charles Spencer Kinard

I think it's amazing and wonderful that we are a country that welcomes all.
(OK - so I know that's how it is supposed to work - for today I will put on my Pollyanna glasses and pretend we do, and have done so. By and large this is a nation full of wonderful people.)
It is a very special place that we live.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Review: ArtQuilts ~ movements

In the Act by Elaine Quehl

If you are within driving distance of Durham, NC, the current show up at the Durham Arts Council is well worth your time. 

Of course, I may be a bit biased.  


Full disclosure. I was one of the curators of this show, sponsored by the Professional Art Quilter's Alliance - South.

Every time I've sat in on the jury process I'm awed by the entries and often perplexed at the pieces chosen by the jurors. This time was no exception.

Hanging the show gives me nightmares ahead of time. How are we ever going to get these pieces to "play nicely" with each other on the wall!?!

Then they come out of the box and artwork is always so much more wondrous and whimsical and well... much more amazing than on a slide.

There are always works that arrive from different parts of the world, and yet look like they were created to be together. How does that happen?

One wall of the ground floor.
First off - I have to rave a bit about the venue. The Durham Arts Council building is a happening place. People come through for dance classes, performances, theater, workshops. They really work hard to create events that bring people in. 

 LOTS of people see these works of art. I like that.

Landscape I by Peggy Brown
See by Wen Redmond
Alone Together by Peggy Brown
Shrine of the Tree Banner by Wen Redmond
Flow by Wen Redmond

Purple Sunset by Marcia DeCamp
Prairie Fields by Gerrie Congdon
Ribbons 4: In The Breeze by Connie Carrington
From Winter Into Spring by Annette Rogers
In the Act by Elaine Quehl
Santeetah Creek by Karen Tunnell

Movement: Seen and Unseen by Tracy Young, Longhorn Splashdown by Ruth Powers

There is a glass walled gallery that looks onto these walls. Very visible.

Calm Down! by Linda Laird
You might think a little spot by the elevator is a bad space. Not so. It is well lit, the piece is strong, and many people push that button then stand and stare at the artwork while waiting for the door to open.
Syncopation by Pat Hardie

Flight of Fancy by Liz Kuny 

What a difference shading makes!

Spinning by Ruby Horansky
Earthquake Faults by Marcia DeCamp
Circles in a Square by Eileen Kane
Meandering Flow by Linda Miller
Welcome to the Human Race by Sherry Kleinman
Linear Rhythms by Eileen Lauterborn

Beufort Waterfront by Judith Glover
Spun Around by Ruby Horansky
Yoga Class by Suzanne Neusner
Avalance Twins by Mary Ruth Smith
Family Ties by Lyric Kinard
In Xanadu by Pam Allen

Avalanche Twins by Mary Ruth Smith
(look for the faces.....)

 Grandpa Jake Was a Tailor by Deborah Langsam
Jet Trails 19 by Marcia DeCamp
Flight of Fancy by Liz Kuny
KA-POW! by Maria Shell
Dynamism by Nancy Bardach
Wild Turkey by Laura Gaskin
Do A Little Dance by Maria Shell
Busy Ants by Candie Delnore
Syncopation by Pat Hardie

Ribbons I: Rock Fissures by Connie Carrington
Gerrie's work is also spotlighted on the wall by the upstairs elevator. It is truly delightful. The opening reception was very well attended.

The show is up at the Durham Arts Council through July 17th.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Art Around Town

S'ignature: Key of F#
Lyric Kinard

community exchange exhibit
at the cameron village regional library
lyric montgomery kinard: may 17-july 15, 2011

Venue information: Cameron Village Regional Library is located in the Cameron Village Shopping Center at 1930 Clark Avenue in Raleigh. The VAE Community Exchange Exhibit is in the quiet study room in the front left corner of the second floor (if you are facing the building from the front exterior).

You can see the Signature and the Flight series here.

The 9th Annual PAQA-South International Juried Art Quilt Exhibition

Allenton and Semans Galleries
Public is Invited to a FREE Artists' Reception,
part of Downtown Durham's 
Third Friday
Friday, May 20, 2011, 5-7 PM

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Teaching in Texas

Last week I had a fabulous time down in Texas
The Houston Area Fiber Artists are, without doubt, a wonderfully talented group of artists!

When is the last time you walked  a classroom and saw people staring at the wall, the floor...
a tree or even a crack in the sidewalk!

Happens all the time when your eyes are open and in search of texture.
Inspiration can be found in the simplest places.

Remember the contour drawing exercise I talked about here?
Even those who are super uncomfortable with drawing can love this exercise.

And yes - we did spend a fair amount of time playing with fabric.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Creative Mojo Radio Interview

Mark your calendars!
This Wednesday the 18th - 3-5pm EST.
Tune in to http://toginet.com/  
Lyric will be rambling around the microphone with Mark Lipinski, musing on the joys of creativity and becoming an artist, sketching

If you miss it you can catch it later (same place) in podcast form.

And the WINNER of Whitney Ferre's fabulous book is .....

(drumroll please)

The question posed was
"How can you incorporate the principles of balance, contrast, repetition or unity into your daily life? How can you integrate the creativity that you apply to your art into the act of daily living?"

Her answer,
"I haven't figured out the answer to those questions yet but I find when I take care of the most important things first the rest falls into place. If I could just remember to do that every day. :D "

Ya know - I think she's right. Do you know what your most important things are?

(I pulled all 67 comments from my email and chose a number through Random.Org)

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Artist Within - one more day...

Hello Friends,
Who knows what was happening with Blogger last week. Posts I had scheduled never appeared, comments you had left simply disappeared. Gremlins in the works I believe. Fortunately each of your comments came to my email box and I will be using those to choose a winner (randomly drawn from a hat.)

I'll give until the end of the day today and then pull the giveaway winner. Again - my apologies. Feel free to go and leave a post if you'd like on Whitney's interview or the book review.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Faces on Friday (except it's not Friday is it)

Daughter of a friend - with the most soulful eyes

Two weeks ago (I'm slipping)

Sketchbook Faces - from life

Sketchbook faces - from imagination

 Sketchbook faces - from life

Just for fun - mostly from a childrens book by Bruce Whatley