Monday, May 16, 2011

The Artist Within - one more day...

Hello Friends,
Who knows what was happening with Blogger last week. Posts I had scheduled never appeared, comments you had left simply disappeared. Gremlins in the works I believe. Fortunately each of your comments came to my email box and I will be using those to choose a winner (randomly drawn from a hat.)

I'll give until the end of the day today and then pull the giveaway winner. Again - my apologies. Feel free to go and leave a post if you'd like on Whitney's interview or the book review.

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Kit Lang said...

yes, I got a note from Google that Blogger would be offline for one hour on Wednesday night; and I didn't see blogger again until Friday night! I was able to post new things on Friday and my Sunday all of my old posts and comments were back so I think all is good now.

I had no idea how dependent on blogger I was - I can only imagine how upset those who use .coms through Blogger for business were if I was spazzing out because my "fun" was missing for a couple of days!