Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gratitude Gift Guide 2011: A Black and White Tale

As we go through this week of Thanksgiving and into a beautiful season of Giving
I'm thinking of things that will help you Find Joy, Be Inspired, and Create Beauty!
I'd like to introduce you to

by Ann Fahl and Jacquie Scuitto
This little book is a sweetly whimsical tale of a cat, told in verse and wonderful whimsey.
Jacquie is known as the quilt muse and her verses have been delighting me almost as long as I've been quilting. Ann's quilts were among the first art quilts I fell in love with and inspired me to begin this wonderful journey as an artist. You can see the specific quilt here. Her work is always inspired by her immediate environment, be it her garden or in this case, Oreo, a sweet little cat that brightens her home. (Inspired!)

My kidlets, who sadly, must make do with loving on all of our neighbor's cats instead of living with one of their own, have been enjoying this book for several weeks now. Stories before bedtime is one of our favorite times of the day. (Joy!)

Your children or grandchildren will love it when you read this book to them. But of course you don't need little ones. Anyone who has had the pleasure of a purring cat on their lap or watched the playful adventures of a mighty little feline hunter will have a smile on their face as they read each verse.

At the end of the tale Ann describes each of her quilts for you and she even has a cat pattern that you can buy in tandem with the book if you want to make your own sweet little cat quilt. (Be Creative!)

Now, you must know I am not unbiased in any way shape or form. I count both Ann and Jacquie as friends. They are creative artists who have been bold and inspiring. They have gone out on a limb and self-published this book, and endeavor I admire and am happy to support. Think, this Christmas, about supporting artists, fair trade, or hand made. It makes a difference. It makes the world a better place.

You can purchase
A Black and White Tale
on Ann's website.

AND!!!! (as soon as I find where the kids have hidden it) I'm going to give away our copy of this book.
Leave a comment telling me what you are grateful for this week... and a way for me to contact you.
I'll let the kidlets draw a lucky winner next Monday.

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A quick note: lest you think I'm hucking rampant consumerism because it's almost Christmas... Nope. My poor, neglected children get one gift from "Santa" (having known all along that it was me and usually been in on what we call "elfing") and one from their grandparents, and one from each other. It's not their birthday we are celebrating after all. We prefer handmade, or something truly thoughtful... not something expensive. We also find a service project each year that they all can participate in. Their favorite being the "ring and run" variety - leaving gifts on a doorstep. Probably because we dress up like spies to do so.