Thursday, January 3, 2008

And The Winners Are....

The gold circle which will now be named "Sickle Moon" thanks to Allison Brown-Cestero who said she couldn't think of a name but did. (45 votes)
the red circle which will be called "Red Sun Rising" thanks to Betsy True. (31 votes)

Tomorrow morning I'll send in the application as well as FOUR sets of note cards to my name givers and the two winning voters chosen randomly by my daughter:

Carol McFee from North Wales over the pond in the UK (her foil techniques have me salivating!) and Sylvia Wier. You must check out Sylvia's figurative work, especially "Sweet Land Of liberty." I've popped over to many of your blogs and websites and must say I am inspired by your work. What lovely company to be in!

I added up the e-mails and comments I received (58 in all). Wow. Thanks!

Now to see if the entries are juried in. I've been involved in enough juries that I know it's entirely up in the air. I'm closely examining my high res. pics to see if I think I can take better ones. I do know poor images knock you out of the running instantly and I'm thinking that not every speck is as sharp as I'd like it to be.


Carol said...

Give your daughter a big hug from me, I am delighted to have won a set of your lovely cards.
Good Luck with the show

Betsy True said...


thanks for letting us be a part of your process! You do lovely work. Good luck with the show!

Amber said...

Lyric, I'm so excited that you've joined the blogosphere, and that you already have so many wonderful supporters! I love getting to be up to date on your beautiful work.