Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A few of my favorite things

A little collection of things I love... frogs and toads. There are a number of them out in the gardens too but these little guys are right where I can see them as I sew. Each one has a wonderful memory. The glass green guy in the front from an open market in Florence. The Netsuke I picked up in Houston at the International Quilt Festival. He's a sumo toad... I think sometimes he talks to me while I'm sewing. He needs a name. Any ideas? A few glass frogs from local artists. The chirping frog was a gift from our Korean exchange student. Every frog has a story. Do you have a collection with a story?


Amberlynn said...

Is that top photo backwards, or is that a stamping device?

Did you know Grandma LOVED toads, too? There's a story about it on her audio history that I've already got cropped and uploaded, if you want to head to her audio page to give it a listen.

Very cute!

Lyric said...
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Lyric said...

They are type set letters. Fun stuff eh!?

Anonymous said...

I think he is toadally awesome. He looks like a "Toadster". On the other hand with his sparkling lively eyes and fat round tummy, he just looks like Grandpa Toad (my late dh as viewed by our 4 yr old gd) maybe called Grandy.

Yes, I have a collection of about 90 small pewter animals that we collected on our travels or that I received as gifts once it was known that I liked them. I cannot remember every story, but they all are special in some way and a good source of amusement and conversation with the girls.

brohammas said...

I have a collection of rootbeer or ginger ale type bottles that are all local brands from places I've lived or been, ie Bahamas, SC, PA, Utah. They sit in my window and make great holders/prganizers for my paint brushes.

I vote "Croakus" as a toad name.
hmmmm.... maybe that could be girl #2's name??