Thursday, January 31, 2008

This Morning

!!!Congratulations!!! must go first to Kay who gave birth to lovely little "?" last night. Can't wait till I hear what name they choose. Cousin number 9 for my little ones who insisted on painting this morning. I've been determined to keep the TV off, which means I'm not getting things done because I have to pay attention to my real job. That's a good thing.

While they did this...

I did this.

not for sale - a gift for a friend

I have really appreciated the kind comments from several international posters. I would love to know how you found my blog. The broad scope of the internet never ceases to amaze me.


samsa777 said...

I found your blog by chance... just pushed the "next blog" button once or twice! And, well... I was lucky!

Today's drawing looks like a maze.

See you!

Amber said...

I was thinking of pulling out art supplies for the littles here today! I'm especially inspired to do so by a blog I recently found: The Artful Parent. This woman runs a weekly art playgroup. That type of things sounds perfect for you... that is, if your plate weren't so full already. :)

yarngoddess said...

I think... from a quilting forum. Or maybe a link to a blog linked to another blog linked to another. Would that be called "blinking?"

Kim said...

Well, I am a US admirer of both your work and the work of the budding artists in your house! These are quite wonderful! I have often said, being a mom has been the most creative thing I have done with my life!

I think I found you when you had posted on someone's blog.