Monday, January 28, 2008

Time To Stop Procrastinating

I'm actually quite productive when I'm procrastinating. I get everything done except the thing I really should be working on. This week I need to work really hard on my second offering for Quilt University. This one, Screen Printing, isn't quite as easy to translate into an on-line class.

So instead of working on that necessary thing last week I doodled some more.

4" x 6" matted at 5" x 7"
$25.00 each

And read some blogs. And made my way through another couple anatomy lessons from "The Structure of Man."

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Lisa said...

I've been procrastinating reports I just really don't want to thing about. Hence I've been keeping up with everyone's blogs and flickrs and updating my own. Shall we challenge each other to accomplish our necessary work this week? My turn to send you a surprise then.