Sunday, February 17, 2008

Line Studies

Time for a couple small doodles this week. In between lots of writing and research and organizing and driving kids here and there and dealing with a screaming ornery three year old. I think the monster that has replaced my little one is not feeling well.

Both are 4" x 6" matted at 5" x 7"
$25.00 each


j.dávila said...

These are wonderful - so spontaneous.

Congratulations on the book contract! I'm excited for you.


Lisa said...

Char said that the top one looks like the back of a goblin's head - just gotta color it in green. Boys.

Amy Climer said...

Lyric -

I love the doodles you are doing!

nice blog!

Grace said...

Cool doodles! Love playing with line and shape too.

Also, thanks for posting about my TIF piece on my blog.