Thursday, March 6, 2008

On The Road

Gotta love a laptop. It turns a seven hour road trip into productive work time. My parents are visiting and we decided to take the little ones and head up to see my brother and his new little one. The kidlets were great in the car. They watched a movie on my tiny little i-pod when they got fussy.
Here's a little detail from a pice that reminds me of travel... marks in a line. What do you get done on the road? I've gotten a lot of work done but not a whole lot of writing. A couple of new classes outlined and a bit of editing. I think I need to sit isolated and quiet for a bit of a chunk of time in order to write


Amber said...

I never accomplished any work on the road until I discovered the wonders of the Sea Band. Better than any Dramamine ever.

TALL GIRL said...

Mostly I knit socks. Earlier this year, I counted 13 pairs of handknit wool socks. And we live in California. Sock knitting however, keeps me from having road rage, so it is useful!

amber said...

Hey sis, I noticed your posts have slowed lately - so I tagged you.