Friday, February 20, 2009

Salsa in the Studio

I've spent this month working furiously toward another deadline - when am I not? I'm filming next week with Pokey for Quilting Arts TV season 4 as well as a Quilting Arts DVD Workshop.

As usual, I'm not getting enough sleep but better than usual - I'm being fairly productive in the studio. Of course the little ones are enjoying the free reign through the house. A new disaster awaits every time I exit my little enclave of art.

I hate the way my brain feels when I'm tired but I think I've found a cure. Nope - no caffeine for me. Music. Duh!!! you say. Well it's been a long time since I've had music in the studio. This past year I've had to have no music while writing the book. I used to be a musician and find myself much to involved in the music when I listen so I had to have it quiet.

The upbeat music is like caffeine for my brain. Each day seems to have a theme. Classic 50's Rock-N-Roll for a day, Big-Band Swing the next. Today it's Latin. Right now it's "Salsa Celtica." Did you know your feet can dance while your hands draw? Next time I think it's be Newgrass and Folk, then Celtic.


Amy in Austin said...

I always have music on in the studio. If I need to do some figuring out, then the music can't have words I understand. That's when the Latin, African, and Middle-eastern flavored world music comes out. If I am tired, it's got to be fast music.
Good luck with the deadline!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lyric!
I thought I'd look up your blog and say hello. It was nice to meet you in Cleveland. I hope you had a safe trip home and that you didn't get blasted by that snowstorm that hit the eastern seaboard.
Sue Kelly