Thursday, April 30, 2009

And They're OFF!!!

The DVD's showed up last night and I stayed up lated getting them boxed, labeled and OFF!

It was worth it.

I carried a huge bag to the post office this morning and couldn't help but tell everyone how excited I was about it. Crazy lady alert.

These are all the ATC's I have left of the extras I made.
I'd love to send them out to good homes!


Dale Anne said...

Ohhhh! I'm saving up to order your DVD!!!

Lyric said...


are you still enjoying your divahood?

Dale Anne said...

And, have been busier than ever since then!!!
Look forward to seeing your DVD & book soon, savings are beginning!!!

Linda Robertus said...

Hi Lyric, I've sent you an email with a pic of the optical illusion quilt. Could you please let me know if you have received it? (hotmail messages with attachments sometimes end up as junkmail). If not, please send me an email at lindarobertus at and I will reply to that.
Would love one of your ATCs, but I should be on the list of people you have sent a dvd, is that right?

Lyric said...

Linda - yes I got the picture and I really appreciate your sending it.

I checked and YES you were on the list of DVD's (with a little giftie included) that went out this morning. I was sent USPS 1st class though so it will take a little while to get there.

Thearica said...

Just placed my order too!

Lyric said...

I'll get it out first thing tomorrow morning!

I popped over to your blog - very sweet! It sounds like you had a ton of fun at your show - and pig in a pea-car is the cutest thing ever!

Lyric said...
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Marie aka Grams said...

Just received my DVD, and I'm opening it now. Thanks so much. I love the ATC, and especially the post card. Thanks for the inspiration. Marie

Lyric said...

I haven't even had enough time to watch the whole thing. I hope you like it - and if you ever get something fun done using the techniques send me a pic for the student gallery on my website!

Carole said...

Hi Lyric... I just ordered your DVD and am hoping I can get an ATC as well. I took a class from you at Quilt U. earlier this year, but didn't get through it all. Looking forward to this DVD to refer to again and again.

MÂȘ Clara Lloveras said...

I am Maria Clara from Spain.
Today I have discovered your blog, is precious!!!!!
I would like to do an swap of atcs, you want?

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