Monday, February 22, 2010

Art+Quilt: Quilter Beth - actual texture

Is it acceptable to call someone that is working through my book a "student" even if I haven't had the privilege of meeting her in the classroom? I sincerely hope so because Quilter Beth is doing some absolutely beautiful work and I'm so glad she's sharing her it with the world.

These are her ACTUAL TEXTURE exercises from chapter two in Art + Quilt in which one creates a composition with neutral colored fabrics with as many different textures as possible. It is an exploration in moving outside of the box - getting away from our comfortable quilter's cottons. Seeing new possibilities in our materials as well as in our own artistic sensibilities. 

Beth says, "Since I come from a traditional quilting background, I have seldom used fabrics other than smooth cottons in my pieces. I found myself really enjoying the feel of these various textures. I also liked "pushing" myself to come up with ways to add texture through embellishments. I think the multiple textures (and the play of light off these textures) make the pieces much more interesting."

Please click on these pictures to take a closer look at the fascinating materials she's used. There are rubber drawer liners and straw hat brims. Her compositions are well balanced and thoughtfully done. She's given each of her materials thought and care. What beautiful pieces.


Quilter Beth said...

It is absolutely acceptable to call me a "student!" I am really enjoying the process of working through these exercises. I hope to have the privelege of meeting you and taking a class from you sometime soon. Thank you for all the encouragement you have given me.

Jane LaFazio said...

wonderful work!! I love love love the texture, made all the more powerful with the use of a single color. But, I bet she learned that from you!

Laura Lea said...

Amazingly tactile and wonderful use of a single color range. Lyric your book is really wonderful.

Gloria said...

I love texture! What a joy to see how your book inspired the book.

Deborah Younglao, Silk Painter said...

These are beautiful! The monochromatic palette really makes you focus on the composition and all those delicious textures. Nice work, teacher and student!