Saturday, June 26, 2010

Work in Progress

Some more stitching on my "Family Ties" series.

Gotta say, white on white is hard to photograph.

Had to do some photoshopping to up the exposures.
Any tips for white on white photography would be greatly appreciated.


Margaret McCarthy Hunt said...

Nice...what kind of tips do you want..on photoshop OR on doing the tucks?

Lyric said...

Thanks! Tips on photographing a white on white piece.
I know photoshop well enough to make the yucky picture I took look fine - it would be so much nicer to have it come lovely right out of the camera.

dining table said...

Your picture is nice. But using a Photoshop will going to make your photos outstanding. You can do anything on Photoshop. It is a very amazing tool.

Bozena Wojtaszek said...

Hi Lyric,
I can't help myself but look here: (esp. at her white on white gallery), so maybe she could help you.