Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Family Ties I: new beginnings

Hello Friends,
I've been giving you little tastes of  the Family Ties series and hope you've enjoyed seeing them as much as I've enjoyed creating them. Over the next several days I'll show you each completed piece. 

I'm putting together a small book featuring this series and I'd love YOUR input.

Family Ties I: new beginnings

If you have a poetic turn of mind I would love to publish short verses or haiku to go along with piece. 

Please join me in this creative endeavor!

If this work inspires you in any way, please add your verse to the comment section. 
I haven't thought about it yet but I'd like to thank each poet somehow.
I look forward to seeing your poetry!


Antonija said...

Very beautiful.
Since your inspiration is "Family Ties", how about this:

The Past lives where trees
Take water, sun and old soil
To make The Future

Jane Teague said...

Together we stand
Strengthened by infinite love
We are family

Jane Teague

Anonymous said...

I love doing verses Lyric and this is a beautiful piece!! Here are my words...

Baubles,beads and stitch
Loved and sewn without a glitch
Threads from the family finds
a knot and tie that binds
A future.. firm in stitch.

I did say I loved doing it.. not that I was good at it.. ha

Jane LaFazio said...

no poetry from me, but the piece is lovely and I look forward to seeing all of them. so glad you're going to do a book of them. great idea.

geni said...

This piece looks wonderful. The different materials are fascinating and makes me wonder what times they represent.
I love to share this one with you:

"And what is life?
A crazy quilt;
Sorrow and joy,
and grace and guilt
With here and there
a square of blue
For some old hapiness
we knew - "

from: Douglas Malloch
"A Crazy Quilt"

Joyce Teal said...


I am not a poet but a dear friend, Laurie Perry Vaughn, is a wonderful poet! I've sent your post from the QA list on to her and hopefully you will get to enjoy her poetry as much as we do.

Beautiful pieces, BTW!! Joyce

Quilting Kimberley said...

Hey Lyric. Beautiful piece
Here's a short piece...

Family ties stong.
The old rise and fall.
After death birth comes.

Sandy said...

Nice piece and good series idea.

Karen said...

Met Joyce for coffee yesterday, and she insisted I look up your blog--so GLAD I did! Beautiful art you're making.

Delicate tendril bouquets
white on white
ribbon-tied in pink
speak the fragility of life,
the delicacy of marriage,
the tenderness of children.
How we cherish the fine work,
the intricate stitches;
marvel at seed pearls
we can barely see.
Would that we treasured
the invisible ties,
the joys and souls
God has sewn,
into the satin lining of our lives.

Monica Agapaloglou said...

I found your blog through our Art Bee on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Your work is so beautiful and speaks visually. As I look at the three standing together with the knot work floating upward, it brought forth these words..

Together we stand
Ties that bind hold lovingly
Free us over time

Melissa said...

Reminds me of my sister's wedding dress.

First to marry will look just right
After beading and sewing deep into the night.
Others may want what the oldest has
But “never again” their mother says.

Not that I'm bitter or anything :)

Dee M said...

As we begin our life together
May we, through sun and stormy weather
Have a love that stays true
And always fresh as morning dew