Friday, January 7, 2011

Faces on Friday

And so it begins.

Installment #1 of my determination to draw a face every day.


I've decided to draw each face on the back of an index card.
The idea comes from Carla Sonheim's book
The point is to not make it something precious... just DO it.

Maybe I'll make a sweet little box to keep them in.
Jane LaFazio did a tutorial here on how to make one.

Here are some of the faces from my sketchbook over the past week before I decided to be organized about it.

My children look so angelic when they are sleeping.


Laura Lea said...

OH what a great thing to draw a face a day. I like the size you chose and it's less intimidating I think. Oh a fabric box would be wonderful to open and find these inside! You could also make an accordian book that folds out of them. I'm inspired to try faces more too after seeing yours. Mine are kinda wonky and overly worked, usually there are too many lines and they end up looking older than the subject. I'd love to master drawing children's faces!

Janet said...

I think your faces look great. I saw your post on the sketchbook challenge. And you're right about learning the formula for drawing a face. Once you know that it isn't that difficult. It just takes practice and you have the right idea for that....index cards!

Jane Davies said...

Great idea, Lyric! Thanks for this inspiration.

Jane LaFazio said...

first, thanks for the mention about my box. and second, good for you, a face a day!! I may join you, but more like a face a week or month, since I generally try to avoid drawing them!
thanks Lyric.

Lyric said...

HI Jane - of COURSE I'd love you to join me. I've always avoided drawing them too but have decided I need to just get my rear in gear and do it.

Funny - the kidlets are now arguing over who gets to be drawn each night. The 6 yr old is a trip as she makes faces the whole time so I have to try it super fast.

Laura Lea - start out in pencil then trace over in an ink pen - just one line. Then erase the pencil. I've been trying to do some pencil and shading. It's hard. But fun.

trish said...

Fabulous work! I admire your goal of a face a day! I am working on a 100 Faces project myself right now but love the idea of smaller substrates and a daily face. Perhaps next year (or whenever I finish my 100 faces project!)

Dana Barbieri said...

I love that it is for the whole year! Wow. and index cards, yes, I have to try that. Great work!