Monday, September 19, 2011


I was in Iowa last week at the amazingly fabulous Eastern Iowa Heirloom Quilters' show. Before the festivities started I spent half a day in the Amana Colonies

Historic buildings, lovely gardens, lots of Iowa corn fields and beautiful never-ending skies.

Something happened at Fern Hill, a shop that combines architectural antiques and quilt stuff.
Can you say heaven!?
I fell in love. 

I know, I know. Most people don't automatically start having heart palpitations when they walk into a basement full of crumbling bits of old buildings,
but I do.

Oh YES I do.

I would put this entire arrangement on my wall. Little bits of gates. Hmm.
Wouldn't it be amazingly cool to fill up a whole garden fence with a collage of iron fence bits?

And then... this amazing bank of drawers shot a comet sized, rare earth magnet straight to my heart.
Look at all those drawers... and I have stuff to go in every last one of them. Every. Last. One!

Measuring to see if it will fit in my suitcase. Or in my front door. 

Realizing, as the marvel is built all in one piece, that even if I get it into the house, I can't get it around the corner and up the stairs to my studio's new home. Help. The owner said her son, with a truck, is driving to Raleigh in October. I've had three dreams about this hardware store chest in the past week. Somebody help me. Please. I think I might waste away for the longing of it.


Penny said...

Sorry Lyric but I think I agree, wow it would be so useful and so gorgeously battered as well, I am sure you could find some where to fit it.!

Jane S. said...

Well I'm no help as I'd probably waste away with longing myself!

However...I hesitate to even mention this since it's almost sacrilege, but could you (gulp) cut it in two and then take it up to your studio and reassemble it?

What a dilemma, eh?

Jeannie said...

I'd cut a hole in the roof and lower it down in.:) Lyric, it is a good thing we don't shop together or both our houses would be bulging at the seams! I see old gingerbread from houses or building and my palms get sweaty. I do have many pieces hanging on my walls and I never tire of them. Sigh, I am so glad I live on the left coast.

Chris said...

Such a wonderful post! Love the photos - and some people think the Midwest is boring - fly-over country! Hrumph! Good luck with the chest -

Jayna said...

NO, no, no don't open the roof! too many joists and too much insulation to fight with. Open the wall, take out the window You wanted a larger window anyway! I'll come help.