Sunday, October 9, 2011

Faces on Friday: missing in action

January Faces

At the beginning of this year I decided it was time to stop whining about how hard it was to draw people. Faces especially. Time to practice what I'm continually preaching and do the work, develop the skill, learn to draw faces. (That first post is here.)

5 second faces, getting barely
a glimpse of the subject
You've gotta start somewhere so I started at the beginning. A face a day on a little 3x5 index card. Mostly it has been fun if I just enjoy the process. If I start worrying about getting it "right" it's no longer fun - it's frustrating.

The almost resemble the subjects!
And then for a while the pressure of having to do something and post it every week got to me - it was just too much to deal with on top of some of the family chaos of having five kids home all day over the summer.

Faces on Friday went missing in action.  I didn't stop drawing my faces but I did take a break from feeling that I MUST do them.

Time for a reset. The oldest is off to college (and thriving!) The youngest started kindergarten. I'm slowly adjusting to my new schedule. So here we go again.
The ones on the left - worked over about five minutes.
On the right - very quickly.

And guess what? Maybe taking something of a break can be a good thing. I have enough distance that I can see improvement.  Actual progress.

All the faces so far.


Lisa Chin said...

This is why we save our children's work from year to year. It is very uplifting to be able to see progress. Great job!

I am so amazed at how quickly those hours go by during the day while the children are gone. So much to do! Good luck!

Catherine Parkinson said...

Very nicely done lyric. You have made great progress :)

I have discovered life is busy at every season and the moment just needs to be enjoyed now. But isn't it nice to have a few hours to yourself in the middle of the day!

Jane LaFazio said...

do I see a Jane box for all those faces? nice. and good for you for keeping up on your quest! well done and I see lots of progress.

Anonymous said...

Very nice! I love the way u save them in this cute box