Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Creative Wisdom from Pixar's John Lasseter 3 of 7

John Lasseter’s 7 Points (by way of Scribble Junkies)
3. Quality is a great business plan. Period.
“There is a crucial rule: no compromises. No compromises on quality – regardless of production constraints, cost constraints, or a deadline. If you get a better idea, and this means that you have to start again from scratch, then that’s what you have to do.
In any creative industry, quality is the sole business plan that prevails in the long run. Many managers fail to understand that, but the spectators understand it. The process is only finished once the creative professional in charge says it’s finished. That does not mean that there isn’t to be any pressure – there’s pressure all the time anyway – but the individual creator always needs to have the last word.”

How this might relate to my career as an artist?
Don't settle for less than my best effort.

Now you know by now that I'm firmly in favor of making BAD ART!
I do not, however, send BAD ART out into the world.
BAD ART is a necessary stepping stone into the wonderful world of GREAT ART! The bad stuff is just a way to let yourself go, to freely play with new ideas and spark creative juices and let them flow in unexpected directions. 

When it comes time to settle down and work on the good stuff - do the best you possibly can.
Strive for excellence in your technique, beauty in your composition, quality in your craftsmanship and just plain DO YOUR BEST. 
(yes, I was a cub scout den mother, thank you very much)

What areas of your art need work?

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landscapelady said...

I'm loving this series an hope you don't mind but I shared this post with the members of my Vermont etsy team who are all creative types and should appreciate the insight. Thank you:-)