Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Creative Wisdom from Pixar's John Lasseter 7 of 7

John Lasseter’s 7 Points (by way of Scribble Junkies)

7. Surround yourself with creative people whom you trust.

“Bring only those new members into your creative team, whom you consider to be at least as talented as you. If they also have a pleasant and nice character – even better. Most managers don’t follow this approach, as they are insecure. Insecurity and creativity do not get along with each other well. Most managers surround themselves with yes-men, and in result, the audiences get bad films to see.”
…and lastly, as Lasseter once told a group of graduating students at Pepperdine University
never let anyone kill your dreams.”

As an aspiring artist, don't be afraid to associate with people who are more advanced than you are. There is so much to learn. Be humble and grateful and realize that you will have the chance to pay it forward at some point. Don't be intimidated. Simply realize that they have walked much further down the path than you have. I have been greatly blessed with kind and generous mentors whom I aspire to emulate.

Find a generous mentor. There is no need to copy their art because you are completely capable of creating your own unique work, but go ahead and aquire as much wisdom as you can. Learn the best of what they have to offer. Go ahead and copy their work ethic. Soak up their business savvy. See if they have organizational skills that you can adopt. Pick and choose and learn as much as you can from the best of the best.

Then go do your own work.
Walk your own path.


KAM said...

Thanks for this series; I wrote the seven points for creative wisdom on flash cards - plan to do them on a deck of cards which will be decorated with color and some images....great words to put "in my face" that will sit in a small basket on my desk. Providing this source of creative education & stimulation has been a gift....thank you so very much.

Jane LaFazio said...

Yes!! so true...

carolann said...

Wow just found this series through Jane La Fazio's face book. Thank you for inspiring creative people!