Friday, February 24, 2012

Introducing The Kindness Chronicles

Remember back in in December when we were focusing on making the world a better place through simple acts of service and kindness?
Well I'd like to introduce a new, on-going feature on my blog.
When I was interviewed by Rice' Freeman-Zachary about the project for her podcast, she asked if it was going to become an ongoing project. I hadn't thought too much about it. I really do try to keep service in mind all the time so I didn't think of it as a "project" but of course I'd love to keep it going.

Small kindnesses mean a great deal - the last group I taught for left me this lovely flower to brighten my hotel room.
Leave it to a go-getter like Jane LaFazio to push me into getting things done. Or actually, to go ahead and make plans and get things done whether I've got my rear in gear or not. She put together this beautiful button and suggested that we post on the first Sunday of every month, telling about some of the little acts of service we've done. We're not trying to brag - at all - just give you all more ideas that you can try as well. Really - it's fun to do little things that brighten someone's day.

Would you care to join us? If you'd like to add this lovely little button to your blog please go ahead and copy and paste this into a widget for your sidebar. It's got the html embedded to link back to this explanatory post.

The Kindness Chronicles

If you send me a link to your kindness blog post I'd love to list it in my next Kindness Chronicles post. It's so easy to bring a smile to someone's face. Let's make the world a better place, shall we? 


Linda Teddlie Minton said...

Count me in, Lyric! Random acts of kindness are one of my favorite activities. It makes me feel great, and I hope makes someone else feel great too.

Chris said...

Yippee!! What a wonderful idea! This is what I love about your blog - making the world a better place in addition to making it more beautiful1

Gloria said...

How cool that you and Jane are doing this!! Good for you both.

Linda Kittmer said...

Hi Lyric. I'm participating in the Kindness Chronicles too. My first post about it is here:
and there will be another post up tomorow.

Thanks for starting this great project!

Linda Teddlie Minton said...

Hi Lyric, I actually remembered (just barely!) to post my first Kindness Chronicles on my blog. Thanks for giving me the impetus to do this!