Friday, April 13, 2012

Copyright Free Images: Wikimedia Commons

Another favorite site of mine for finding copyright free imagery to use in my artwork is
It is a vast repository of imagery available for download under creative commons licenses. You can find very old illustrations, vintage photography, and contemporary photography. 

You can search through the site for all sorts of subjects.


Lisa Chin said...

Thanks for sharing these resources! I've been working with TAP and it's fun to have great images to work with.

landscapelady said...

perfect timing! thank you for sharing this info - I had been looking for an image of a lamb or calf to use when I take a class with david taylor in june and had been having no luck. I thought I was going to have to knock on a farmers door and ask to take pictures of his flock - but I found just the right photo on this wikemedia site - LOVE IT!

Karri said...

Thanks for so openly sharing your knowledge and ideas. Your teaching nature promotes our creative side.