Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Work in Progress: changing my mind - again

This was the last iteration.
I didn't like the bead color so I took them off.
Another road trip and I grabbed the  project again... tried a different bead color.
These are going to come off too... (I just remembered that I left this in the glove box of the car we drove - I'd better go get it before I forget it again). I think it's the beads themselves I'm not liking - there are such beautiful markings on these stones that the beaded bezel is competing with them. 

We'll see what happens next. No hurries no worries with this project.... which right now is something I need. I've been pressing deadlines without a break for soooo long (it feels like several years) that during this lull over the next month or so I'm feeling completely rebellious. I've spent the past week reading books. Refusing to go in my studio and not even blogging. (sorry.) They aren't even great books - just re-reading a sci-fi series I read years ago. No thinking involved. Maybe in another week I'll feel like getting back into things. It's good to take a break sometimes.


Barbara L. said...

Maybe it's just this awful summer. I've been in the same boat, but it's nice to hold a book again and read more than 3 pages before I fall asleep.

Frieda Anderson said...

I reread my favorite books alot, especially when I don't have anything new to catch my attention.
It is like visiting an old friend.

Chara Michele said...

A bit of time away can sometimes be a good thing :) Love the lace & texture to this work in progress!

Anonymous said...

I love the sky photos.... watching storms and skies is so interesting in the middle states. Glad to hear that you are relaxing with some time to vegg.