Monday, September 10, 2012

Creative Wisdom: Baby Steps

Welcome back - did you have a lovely weekend? I did. I played Dominoes with the family, spent three hours shopping an annual closet sale at my very favorite clothing boutique*, successfully fought off the flu, and had a nap. I really like having a little time off every now and then.

So now it's time to get back into the studio.
Here is a little baby step kind of push to help you (and mostly ME) to get there.

Go find one tool or gadget or supply that you haven't used yet and do something with it.
(I know you have it.)

I've had this set of Tombo Dual Brush Pens for several months, have carried it along on two trips - and still haven't used it. 

 So I opened them up and worked on played around with a sketchbook page. 

I got them to play with the blendable aspect - and haven't done that yet.

If you are following along I'd love to hear about it.
Are you finding that once you start you keep going for a little bit? Is it only me that has the little character flaw that makes it so hard for me to just START something - especially when I have a deadline.

* If you live anywhere near Cary, NC and like funky clothes Possibilities is worth the drive. I hate shopping. I save up my whole budget and use it up all at once here. The sale is amazing with several thousand pieces of new or gently used clothing and a crowd of women sharing racks and mirrors. You freely give and receive opinions, you hand over the piece you just tried on but aren't going to get to the person next to you and you make a lot of new friends. (Hi Brie!) I might have to go back today.


Lisa Chin said...

Did it!

Unknown said...

I did too! I worked on a fabric collage for my Eastman Angel project. I don't think it was all that successful strictly as a project, but I learned that 1) I want to narrow my focus to wings and sleeping images (I was all over the place before) and 2)too many layers of color on top of each other = mud.

Jo Vandermey said...

Actually home for a day with nothing on the agenda but learning how to train my pup!
I have so many things I have collected... I think I will try out the sun printing today.
And the procion dye on Sat.
This is something I have wanted to do all summer but things have got in my way.
Love your ideas and suggestions.