Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Creative Wisdom: Baby Steps

I've just spent the entire day at the middle school, working with their horn players - and recruiting a few new ones. I'm completely exhausted. No wonder my kids don't want to get their homework out of the way right when they walk in the door.
Alphonse Mucha
So - since it's almost time for the rest of the troops to come in and get food before we rush off to various sports - today's baby step is very small.
Choose a piece of art you love. Look at it.
Analyze what it is about it that you love.
Mucha? I love, love, love his use of pattern, the sinuous lines hat lead the eye on a journey up and around and back again. In the print above, there is a repetition of the round shape and the organic but angular branching forms.


Unknown said...

I love Mucha! One of my all time favourite artists!

Diana Louie, The Village Fabric Shoppe said...

Love this, If you have a few minutes and a smartphone, many museums have good digital images. Looking at and disecting what you like about a piece of art should be a regular practice for creative people. The Metroploitan Museum of Art in NYC, and the Lourve in Paris both have great webistes to see great art on your device. Thanks for today, I needed to be reminded.