Thursday, November 4, 2010

Family Ties III:

More of your poetic verses would be welcome.

Family Ties III: (any suggestions?)


Josey said...

I am afraid I don't have any verses to offer (not my strength!) but I must say I love these squares you have made - such beautiful and delicate pieces!

Robin said...

Anger Deep
Weakens Love
Love Binds Forever.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for letting me play with you! Enjoying beauty and fun with words.
Today's Haiku:

Red. The color of love
White. Pure, untouched,virginal
Conquest. Color and stitch

Amberlynn said...


The underpinnings
of the red hot debating
was always true love.

Unknown said...

Held together through heart and mind.
Then sealed with power souls entwined.
Let not lesser things break ties that bind.

Jackie said...

you took me as I was
you gave me all your love

you gave me hope and joy
you gave me my life.