Friday, November 5, 2010

Family Ties IV: Knit Together

Family Ties IV: Knit Together

All verses and poetry welcome!


Sandy said...

Another great piece. Sorry to poem-I'm not a word person.

Janet Ghio said...

Like this series with the hand stitching. Just wondering-do you use any fabric from neckties in your pieces?

Lyric said...

Hi Janet - I haven't used ties as of yet. Do you use them?

Anonymous said...

Another great piece... I can only imagine the pleasure you had making these... and the thoughts that went with it..

Dark shadows reach out
Kisses, kisses, hugs as well
Sleep and dreams secure

Melly Testa said...

This piece in particular speaks to me deeply. Very nice piece, Lyric.

JYA Fiberarts said...

Lyric, I love the stitching. Here are my thoughts:
Fiber laced with stitches,
Like footprints over time,
Evidence of lives past,
Fragments of lives revered.

Judith Anderson

TD said...

Lyric, I really like your pieces. Here is a poem you can use if you like, though it may be too long for what you have in mind. It's hard to format correctly in this box; in general, the capitalized words--except those in quotes--mark the beginning of a new line.

Once you
Gazed, fresh from heaven, at eyes looking into yours,
Filled with excitement, the spring of our memories—
Days full of “Lookit!” and “C’mon!” and “Let’s go!”
With never a thought for the winter—unheard of—a
Dream seen imperfectly, glimpsed only briefly in
Hospitals, dim old eyes, so far away.

Now you
Race in the sun-dappled shadow of summer trees.
Full-leafed they stand, gently cradling your climb-spent form,
Looking right through you with eyes that know everything,
Things that you don’t know, like soon you’ll be leaving your
Tree-climbing days, and that someday you’ll look into
Eyes full of questions you can’t always answer, that
Could not conceive the tenth part of your meaning, if
Ever you tried to explain what you’ve learned.

Then you
Come back one day, with your eyes slowly opening,
Look into eyes that have seen the whole story, that
Know in the autumn the joy of the seasons, and
Gaze straight from heaven and call you their own.