Saturday, November 6, 2010

Family Ties V: Juggling

Family Ties V: Juggling


geni said...


Sally Westcott said...

Lyric, I think Geni said it all! Just wonderful!

I'm not a poet, so no word from me! Just admiration.

Have you mounted all these works onto textured canvas? I can't wait to see them all together.

Hugz (I'll be back in class soon - we are packing to move house - I'm getting a 3 room studio! Yeah!

lyric said...

Congrats on the new studio Sally! I'm still slowly moving things back in to my studio after having moved everything out to get the floors refinished. Quite a chore so I don't envy you one bit!

Yes - all of the pieces are mounted on a textured and white painted canvas - that's what you see in the first picture.

Take care,

Sandy said...

My favorite so far-love the rings on it.

Robin said...

Running Circles
Running Circles
How I long for ebb and flow.

Lisa said...

Your Family Ties pieces are so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the end result!
More Haiku:

Light of day...dark night
Lace and stitch together
Going up? or down...

Amber said...

It's my time, and his
all the kids it's hers and his
all ours, together.

Melissa said...

This is my favorite it looks so modern but yet reminds me of my grandmas so here's my verse:

Minnie’s tatting, costume jewelry, kept in a small box.
Given to me by sweet Joan, both now gone but never lost.

lyric said...

Melissa - I'd love to use your poem - and your last name - but I can't find your last name!