Sunday, November 7, 2010

Family Ties VI: Through The Veil

Family Ties VI: Through The Veil


Gerrie said...

Just want to say - these little pieces are quite wonderful, Lyric!

geni said...


Anonymous said...

These just get better!

Today's Haiku:
Veiled and peeping through
Lacey stitch and glorious
History kept intact.

Chris said...

It seems so ordinary -
the sun rises in a blaze of color
stars softly glow in the darkness.

Again and again,over and over.
a little rain. a few tears.
The soft touch of a my mother's cheek.

The veil of yesterday is drawn.
We remember some
or not at all.

But again and again
we love.
we create.
we pass.

What we see and what we hold dear in our hearts.
a hazy soft cloud of a memory
of which we have no choice.

lyric said...

Chris - if you're listening - I'd love to use your poem - need your full name!